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The spoon position is one of the more intimate sexual positions there are. If you want wild and crazy sex, this is not for you. If however you want to "make love" with your partner and feel a very close, intimate bond, this is a very good position. The spoon position is just like regular spooning, only naked and with penetration. Because the male is able to wrap his arms around the female and establish a lot of body contact, a real close connection can be felt.

For straight stimulation or deep penetration, this is not a great position. While resembling a sideways version of the doggy style position it does not allow for the same kind of deep thrusting action which that position is so known for. Also, if you are utilizing the pull out method of birth control, this position is also not real advisable since it will be harder to escape in time due to the restricted range of motion.

Spoon position is the most common position for early morning sex. It is very easy to find yourself in a position while lying next to loved one in the morning and it is a nice and gentle way to start the day, definitely better than a cup of coffee.